ECSOR is an EXPERT CRO providing integrated services in pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device areas at an international level. ECSOR offers personalized services in medical writing, sata management, electronic data capture (EDC), clinical monitoring, investigator’s network, submission to EC & CA, regulatory affairs (FDA, EMEA) and safety. ECSOR provides a GLOBAL or CUSTOM-MADE service to support clinical trials from Phase I to Phase IV. ECSOR resourcing solutions offers a professional recruitment service within the scientific, clinical research, regulatory affairs and associated disciplines to satisfy specialist requirements


Immunomonitoring lab

The CEVAC Immunomonitoring Laboratory contributes to the development of new or improved, safe and efficacious vaccines for the prevention or treatment of infectious diseases.
Over the past two decades we have designed, developed, qualified and validated a series of assays to detect and quantify innate and adaptive immune responses induced by natural infection and vaccination.
We have a vast experience and an outstanding reputation in the measurement of antigen-specific cellular immune responses using intracellular cytokine staining and flow cytometry. All analyses of humoral and cellular immune responses are executed in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements in a brand new and validated, state of the art laboratory.
The CEVAC Immunomonitoring Laboratory is experienced to act as the central laboratory in large, multicentric, international vaccine trials.
We provide vaccine manufacturers, biotech companies and clinical research organisations with all the support needed to have a variety of sample types prepared according to the highest quality standards.
Outstanding quality, high capacity and rapid sample handling guarantees a smooth and impeccable conduct of your clinical trial.


ResearchLink is a Belgian clinical trial network (CTN) founded in 2002.

The goal of ResearchLink is to help achieve clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry in general medicine.
Created by investigators in general medicine, ResearchLink gathers a team of experimented professionals, working in accordance with the ICH-GCP quality standards.
The objective of ResearchLink is to deliver a quick set up of the studies and recruitment of patients through a broad network of approximately 100 general practitioners.
The administrative and logistic support supplied to the investigators (among others, study nurses and study technicians) allows focusing on recruitment and clinical decisions.
Monitoring costs are reduced for the sponsors or the CRO, the resources and study documentation are simplified and permits the creation of quality data with less queries.
The ResearchLink investigators must meet specific minimum criteria in order to integrate the network. Minimum criteria as patient population, administrative ability and the infrastructure that allows to conduct trials efficiently, enthusiasm, availability and above all commitment to deliver quality work.
ResearchLink provides ReseachLink procedures and initial ICH-GCP training for all its investigators. A refresh training is given every two years.
The French subsidiary of ResearchLink has been founded in Strasbourg in 2008 and includes 90 French general practitioners.

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